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More Parcels To Open

Here are my latest parcels, but wait I’ve only ordered some more and they have arrived.

I was hoping KJ would have been at work when the postman came, but he wasn’t and he took them in OMG, so I best behave and not order any more or he might start moaning, well that’s after the next lot arrives because I had a few bids in an auction from China so that will be my last for a while.

I will be make another video of my next lot, so watch out for that one, I love receiving parcels it is so much fun seeing what I have ordered…


Big Yarn Stash Opening

You can never have enough yarn is what I told KJ when this load came through the post, the secret is I am addicted to buying craft things and it’s filling the house up.

You can see me undoing this big stash in my YouTube video, it was so much fun, I just love opening the parcels and seeing all the colours it’s fabulous.

Click below to watch the video.

Big Yarn Stash Opening

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Top 5 Crochet Tips

Well we all need a little bit of help sometimes so I picked out these 5 tips in the hope they would help you out.

  1. Stitches – always keep a check on the stitches you have just crocheted, it only takes a quick glance and will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run – I was half crocheting and the other half of me was watching TV, 3 rows later I noticed I had done a couple of stitches wrong and I had to undo my work (3 rows) and start again.
  2. Swatch – it is a really essential thing to do when following a pattern, you must get the gauge right for your pattern to turn out the correct size you have chosen, it also gives you a chance to view your pattern in the yarn you have chosen.
  3. Yarn – here is a good little tip when making a garment, double check you have the correct yarn for the job, there are many sites online that tell you about yarn, for instance: cotton is a lovely cool yarn which would be nice to wear in the summer, it also has a nice weight which would make it hang just right, whereas real wool would keep you nice and warm, so its worth checking before you start.
  4. Washing – make sure you wash your project according to the wrapper around your yarn, it is no good putting something into the washing machine if it is wash by hand only, so check the wrapper.
  5. Finishing Ends – make sure when you change colour or add new yarn that you finish the ends off correctly, leave 3 or 4 inches so you can weave the end of the yarn through the crochet stitches at their strongest point, so the tightness of the stitches holds your ends securely.

I hope my tips have helped you and I wish you great success in your future projects.

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