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Goals For May

Well I haven’t been crafting today, I thought I would just chat about all kinds, there surely is a lot going on in my mind right now…

Isn’t he magnificent

Stay Focused

Inspiration: My friend has just run the London Marathon, she only started running last year and when she crossed the finish line she didn’t look like she was out of breath, she looked like she could keep running, amazing, it has totally inspired me to think that if we really want to do something we can if we really stick with it.

Dentist: I have been seeing the dentist since last October with pain in my teeth. I keep having fillings and they just keep falling out, so at last I am going to have a cap tomorrow, first I have to get a cap then go back another time and get the final cap, hopefully I won’t get anymore trouble with my teeth as they are driving me mad, the pain feels like electricity going up through my gums.

Mum: I took my mum to the supermarket yesterday and her legs were really wobbly so she sat in a wheelchair which had the basket on the back for the shopping, it was a heavy bulky thing with dodgy wheels so when I pushed it forward it went either left or right, as a result, I can hardly move today, I ache all over, the joys of shopping.

May: I hope May will be a good month, we have a bank holiday this weekend so KJ will be off work on Monday, looking forward to that, if the weather is good, we will probably have a BBQ in the garden and grab a bit of vitamin D from the sun.

So my goals for the merry month of May are:


  1. crochet a bunny blankie
  2. crochet a white dress with pink edging
  3. crochet some new crochet stitches as swatches and do a Sunday wash
  4. crochet a little hat for baby Jayne (the doll)

Well there are four things, I am not good at getting my goals finished, but I will try hard to do these four, that’s only 1 per week, not a lot really, shouldn’t be too hard, wish me luck with that.

I will put a list of my goals in the right hand column then I will see them often and I will probably add a few more to the list.

Happy Days!