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Crochet: Questions & Answers

Here are some useful questions and answers I have been asked, along with some of my hints and tips all about crochet.

  1. Do I like Crochet or Knitting best? – I personally think that crochet is better only because I don’t have that much patience so crochet suits me because it grows so fast.
  2. What is the easiest project I have made? – I think a granny square blanket would be really easy as the stitches can be very basic and you just keep going round until it measures your desired size.
  3. What yarn do I use for Washcloths and Scrubbies? – I definitely use 100% cotton, there are some fabulous colours available in cotton, great for exfoliating, it has a slight roughness to it and it washes up lovely.
  4. What yarn is best for beginners? – I think you can’t go wrong with a ball of acrylic yarn, it is quite easy to use as it has a little bit of give when being used, unlike cotton which has no stretch at all which can make it a little bit difficult.
  5. Is it easy to correct stitches that go wrong?– yes it is very easy, you can just pull the yarn and undo your work until you reach your mistake, grab the stitch before the mistake and carry on working. I have in the past missed a stitch on my crochet blanket and had to undo two rows, they were huge rows, but yes it is easy.

Well I hope these questions and answers helped you, there will be more in the future, happy crocheting…