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Crochet Lovey Blanket

I am currently crocheting a lovey blanket and so far have made the head and I’m now working the ears.

My first intentions were to make a bear lovey blanket, but when I finished the head I changed my mind and decided to turn it into a doggy, I have this real cute image in my mind, hope it comes out like I want it to.

The Head

Here is the head, I started the cast on circle at the front of the nose then increased out to make the face and head, looks really weird at this plain stage.

The Ears

Here are the ears, I wanted them to be long and floppy compared to the size of the head.

I started at the bottom end of the ear and worked in a circle, when I reached the length I wanted I flattened the ear then sewed along the top, I like how they have turned out.

I will blog the next stage so you can see my little project coming together.

I do find crocheting so very relaxing that I am struggling to keep my eyes open, it is rotten weather outside hailstones and dark skies so I think I am going to get my own blanket, snuggle up and have a little afternoon nap lol…