Twiddle Muff In Action

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It’s finished and I think it is really cute, hope my mum likes it.

You can see all the bits and pieces on the video link below…

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**Twiddle Muff In Action**

I’ts lovely and soft and warm, should keep her hands nice and warm and also give them a bit of exercise.


Twiddle Muff Crochet Fun

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I have started to crochet a twiddle muff, it is a hand warmer and is very good for people with Alzheimers, Dementia and other memory problems, they have all kinds of little items attached to them.

The twiddle muff is supposed to be a sensory stimulant and I think the colours probably help.

The muff will be double skinned, lovely and warm for their hands and it will have lots of things to play with and twiddle to keep their hands and minds busy.

Here it is so far, it is made using chunky yarn which is very soft and once I have crocheted it long enough, I will join the seam and pull the end through to make a tunnel.

I don’t know what’s wrong with this photo, I have tried everything but it wants to be upside down and I cannot change it

So far I made a couple of little bobbles, then did a row of pattern which turned out like little bobbles, then the next section (pink and orange) I crochet a flap with a couple of buttonholes on the edge.

I will be adding a few bits and pieces inside the flap, but I have to carry on crocheting until it measures 22″ so once I have pulled the end through, the whole thing should measure 6″ x 12″.

The strange thing is, I am totally making this up as I go and it is so good not having to follow a pattern. I will be giving this muff to my mum and see what she thinks of it, I’ll let you know…

Crochet Lovey Blanket

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I am currently crocheting a lovey blanket and so far have made the head and I’m now working the ears.

My first intentions were to make a bear lovey blanket, but when I finished the head I changed my mind and decided to turn it into a doggy, I have this real cute image in my mind, hope it comes out like I want it to.

The Head

Here is the head, I started the cast on circle at the front of the nose then increased out to make the face and head, looks really weird at this plain stage.

The Ears

Here are the ears, I wanted them to be long and floppy compared to the size of the head.

I started at the bottom end of the ear and worked in a circle, when I reached the length I wanted I flattened the ear then sewed along the top, I like how they have turned out.

I will blog the next stage so you can see my little project coming together.

I do find crocheting so very relaxing that I am struggling to keep my eyes open, it is rotten weather outside hailstones and dark skies so I think I am going to get my own blanket, snuggle up and have a little afternoon nap lol…