Crochet Stitch Library

There are so many different crochet stitches and to make it more confusing the US have different names for them, so when using a stitch from a video or pattern, check if it is using UK or US terminology, here is a list of the basic stitches which will help you if you are a complete beginner…

Stitch Terminology

United Kingdom StitchesUnited States Stitches
ss – slip stitchss – slip stitch
dc – double crochet sc – single crochet
htr – half treble crochet hdc – half double crochet
tr – treble crochetdc – double crochet
dtr – double treble crochettr – treble crochet

Basket Weave Stitch

Here is a lovely stitch called basket weave, I love the way it turned out using this coloured yarn and it is so easy to do, click the photo to follow along with the instructions…

Basket Weave Tutorial Swatch
Basket Weave Tutorial Swatch

When you are watching a video on different stitches, you will normally be told what stitch terminology is being used, whether it is UK or US.

In the crochet stitch library along the top menu bar, I will be adding swatch videos in each of the stitches so you can see how it’s done.


Wash Cloth & Face Scrubbie

OMG the weather is so hot everywhere, we had the worst night ever last night, we were soaked and we got absolutely no sleep, so today we are both really tired and hot, I guess most people are feeling this at the moment, it’s hot everywhere.

So here’s the thing, my skin is quite flaky at times, it comes and goes due to thyroid problems, anyway as it is so hot, I had a real urge to crochet something small, I don’t know about you but knitting or crocheting is so hard when I am really hot, just can’t do anything big so here is what I came up with.

Wash Cloth

So I thought I desperately need a shower due to the heat so I grabbed a small ball of cotton yarn and crocheted a wash cloth and a face scrubbie with a finger hold and off to the shower I went to test them out.


I had a lovely lukewarm shower to cool me down, it was lovely, I grabbed my wash cloth and soap and lathered it up, it was brilliant.

The wash cloth really held the soap well and it felt a little bit soft and a little bit rough, I think it has the exact amount of each and it felt great on my skin, what a brilliant exfoliater it turned out to be, I love it.

Face Scrubbie

Then I tried my new little face scrubbie with some of my milk cleanser, I found this a bit rough on my face so I won’t be using it again, I am so delicate lol, if you want a decent face scrub this would be ideal for you.

I am now going to throw my wash cloth into the washing machine and see how it holds up, I’ll do an update and let you know how they come out.

Foot Scrubbie

I’ve just had a thought, I think I will use my face scrubbie on my feet, good idea it’s been demoted to a foot scrubbie, can’t wait to use it.

Happy July Crocheters

Wishing you all a happy July, especially those of you who celebrated the 4th.

We have been real busy this month, we had another little holiday in Norfolk with my disabled mum, she really enjoyed it, we did lots of walking (mum in her wheelchair) and the weather was glorious and now it’s back to work.

Baby Blanket
Baby Crochet Blanket

I have added a new store on my site, there was a lot to set up but I have finally finished it. At the moment there are only 3 lovely crocheted items in store, but I will be adding lots more very soon.

Here is my favorite blanket, I just love the colors and there is a cute bow in each corner.

The size of the blanket measures 27″ x 27″ and it is lovely and soft, ideal for baby or a doll.

Visit my store and see for yourself…

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