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Crochet Stitch Library

There are so many different crochet stitches and to make it more confusing the US have different names for them, so when using a stitch from a video or pattern, check if it is using UK or US terminology, here is a list of the basic stitches which will help you if you are a complete beginner…

Stitch Terminology

United Kingdom StitchesUnited States Stitches
ss – slip stitchss – slip stitch
dc – double crochet sc – single crochet
htr – half treble crochet hdc – half double crochet
tr – treble crochetdc – double crochet
dtr – double treble crochettr – treble crochet

Basket Weave Stitch

Here is a lovely stitch called basket weave, I love the way it turned out using this coloured yarn and it is so easy to do, click the photo to follow along with the instructions…

Basket Weave Tutorial Swatch
Basket Weave Tutorial Swatch

When you are watching a video on different stitches, you will normally be told what stitch terminology is being used, whether it is UK or US.

In the crochet stitch library along the top menu bar, I will be adding swatch videos in each of the stitches so you can see how it’s done.


Free Pattern: Crochet Basket Weave Stitch

I love this stitch, I use a double knit yarn and a number 4.5 crochet hook and it crochets up lovely. I am using these squares to attach together to make a blanket.

Basket Weave Stitch

The pattern is very easy once you get going, I think the difficult part is the beginning, once you have done your chain and the first row, making sure you have the correct amount of stitches, after you have that correct the rest is pretty easy to do.

Saying that, crochet is so easy to fix if it goes wrong as there is always only 1 stitch on the hook so you just pull it undone and re-do your work.

Here is how I did it:

Yarn: Baby DK – 100% Acrylic
Pattern: Basket Weave, multiples of 8 (add 7 at the end of the chain)
Hook: 4.5mm
Type: Squares

Basket Weave Pattern:

  1. ch 135, turn
  2. 1 (UK) treble crochet into the 3rd ch from the hook, 1 treble crochet into each following chain to end, ch2, turn
  3. *1 treble crochet into the 2nd front post (4 times), 1 treble crochet into back post (4 times), repeat * to last st, half treble crochet into last st, ch 2 turn
  4. Repeat pattern to required length

Once I had the square I wanted I then did 1 row around the square in blue using the same stitch – treble crochet.

If you want to see the videos of this little square being made, you can find them here on my you tube channel:

Basket Weave Squares Part 1/2