Big Yarn Stash Opening

You can never have enough yarn is what I told KJ when this load came through the post, the secret is I am addicted to buying craft things and it’s filling the house up.

You can see me undoing this big stash in my YouTube video, it was so much fun, I just love opening the parcels and seeing all the colours it’s fabulous.

Click below to watch the video.

Big Yarn Stash Opening

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Crafty Jayne is Feeling Poorly

OMG I have a banging headache a bit like a migraine and I feel like laying down and doing nothing, I am not sleeping properly due to KJ snoring he is so loud.

Smokey Pink Rose

I have so many inspirations to make things whizzing around in my head and I can’t do any of them so I have no choice but to give up today.

I am diabetic and that normally makes me feel like rubbish every morning and along with this headache, I just feel done in.

I tried to change my pink top using a No.6 hook and it just kept going wrong, you know what I think it is the yarn, it is too thick it would be more suited to a scarf I think, so I have gone back to normal double knit yarn, I did a row of pattern but that’s it until I feel better.

I thought I would share a lovely Rose in a vase, I drew this many years ago and will be doing some drawing in the near future but right now I’m going for a lay down…

Re-Cycle Old to Something Cute

I am following a blog called Our Little Red House Blog, and I came across a really good article called:

Dollar day do over…upcycled coat

It was all about getting something from a what we call in the UK a ‘Charity Shop’ and re-cycling the item we bought into something really cute, in this case a coat was made into Ladybirds and they are fabulous, you can see them for yourself by clicking this link:


It’s worth a look, they are really cute, she is a very talented lady with a great creative mind.

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