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Crochet Top No Good

Well I crocheted 5 rows of my lovely pink top I was making, I wasn’t happy with what I had done so far, it was very very long and a bit stiff and it gave me a bad feeling that it was no good, so today I have undone the whole thing, took me while, but it’s done.

My mind took over and I have decided instead of making the top as a whole, I am going to start again and make the front and back separately.

First I am going to make two more swatches on bigger crochet hooks, the original was made using a No.5 hook, so I will be doing the new ones using a No.6 and No.7 to see if it comes out a bit looser.

I am so inspired with this top now, I have all kinds of ideas in mind, I was going to have a couple of over the shoulder straps at the top, but now I can see sleeves and I can’t wait to get started…


Re-Vamping My Wardrobe With Crochet

I have decided to re-vamp my wardrobe and crochet lots of clothes for myself, so looking forward to these projects, here is my first one…

I am so inspired!

I was going through my yarn stash and came across 500g of Cindy Fancy Yarn in Pink, it feels like a very loose twined yarn, it says it is double knit but it feels a little bit bigger to me.

So I’ve crocheted a small swatch in this fabulous pattern, it is a lot pinker than the photo shows.

I am making this pattern up, I have done some calculations for a ladies sun top. So far I have done 2 rows of pattern and the width looks huge so I don’t know if my calculations were any good lol, anyway if it comes out too big I can always undo it – I have had some more inspiring thoughts – if it does come out too big I will be trying something out rather than undoing it, follow my blog to find out, it’s exciting.

I took the measurements from an old top of mine that is looking a bit worn, so if this comes out good I will bin the old one and then I will go mad and make lots in different colours, fingers crossed.

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Lemon Crochet Baby/Doll Dress

I have finished crocheting this fabulous little Baby/Doll dress, I really enjoyed doing this project so much I am going to do another one, but not right now as my little baby Jayne doesn’t have any hair, I am going to make her a little hat to match the dress.

This cute pattern only took one 100g ball of baby double knit yarn and this is all that is left of that ball, it isn’t a lot is it.

So I will have to start a new ball for the little hat, knowing me I’ll do the hat then think ‘oh I think I will make some little booties and mittens’ it’s never ending I just love crafts.

I have added a couple of little lemon buttons on the back and there it is finished.

This is a pattern from years gone by, I remember crocheting a lemon dress when I was around 14 years old and this pattern takes me back in time, fab.

Top 5 Crochet Tips

Well we all need a little bit of help sometimes so I picked out these 5 tips in the hope they would help you out.

  1. Stitches – always keep a check on the stitches you have just crocheted, it only takes a quick glance and will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run – I was half crocheting and the other half of me was watching TV, 3 rows later I noticed I had done a couple of stitches wrong and I had to undo my work (3 rows) and start again.
  2. Swatch – it is a really essential thing to do when following a pattern, you must get the gauge right for your pattern to turn out the correct size you have chosen, it also gives you a chance to view your pattern in the yarn you have chosen.
  3. Yarn – here is a good little tip when making a garment, double check you have the correct yarn for the job, there are many sites online that tell you about yarn, for instance: cotton is a lovely cool yarn which would be nice to wear in the summer, it also has a nice weight which would make it hang just right, whereas real wool would keep you nice and warm, so its worth checking before you start.
  4. Washing – make sure you wash your project according to the wrapper around your yarn, it is no good putting something into the washing machine if it is wash by hand only, so check the wrapper.
  5. Finishing Ends – make sure when you change colour or add new yarn that you finish the ends off correctly, leave 3 or 4 inches so you can weave the end of the yarn through the crochet stitches at their strongest point, so the tightness of the stitches holds your ends securely.

I hope my tips have helped you and I wish you great success in your future projects.

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Frills Are In

Well frills are in so they say, I must admit I do like to add a frill to my crochet projects, it gives them a little kick.

I recently crocheted a baby or doll blanket, it wasn’t mega big and it looked ok until I added a frill, I then thought wow it looks good and even the pattern looks a nicer.

This lovely blanket is in my Etsy Store, see how the edging sets it off, oh and meet my little model, her name is baby Jayne and she will be modelling all my projects, she is so cute, the only thing is she has no hair, maybe I will have a go at making her a little wig lol.

I wonder what a scarf would look like with a frill on the long edges, mmm (thinking) maybe I will have a go at one, crochet is so easy to undo and start again if I really don’t like it.

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