Crochet: Questions & Answers

Here are some useful questions and answers I have been asked, along with some of my hints and tips all about crochet.

  1. Do I like Crochet or Knitting best? – I personally think that crochet is better only because I don’t have that much patience so crochet suits me because it grows so fast.
  2. What is the easiest project I have made? – I think a granny square blanket would be really easy as the stitches can be very basic and you just keep going round until it measures your desired size.
  3. What yarn do I use for Washcloths and Scrubbies? – I definitely use 100% cotton, there are some fabulous colours available in cotton, great for exfoliating, it has a slight roughness to it and it washes up lovely.
  4. What yarn is best for beginners? – I think you can’t go wrong with a ball of acrylic yarn, it is quite easy to use as it has a little bit of give when being used, unlike cotton which has no stretch at all which can make it a little bit difficult.
  5. Is it easy to correct stitches that go wrong?– yes it is very easy, you can just pull the yarn and undo your work until you reach your mistake, grab the stitch before the mistake and carry on working. I have in the past missed a stitch on my crochet blanket and had to undo two rows, they were huge rows, but yes it is easy.

Well I hope these questions and answers helped you, there will be more in the future, happy crocheting…


Crafty Jayne’s Bucket List

Crafty Jaynes Bucket List

Have you ever wondered what your future will hold, what your life would be like in say 5 years time?

Bucket List
Bucket List

I once read this somewhere, can’t remember where:

‘if you don’t change something now, everything will stay the same’

how true that is, I often think about this saying and it gives me inspiration to do something to change my future.

It isn’t something you thing about very often, but lately I have been thinking what my future will hold, so I decided to make a bucket list.

Whether I do everything on my bucket list is another thing, but five years is a long enough time to get it done. So, I will have a go, if anything it will give me some goals to go for, it will also tell you a little bit about me, so here it is:

Bucket List for the next 5 years

Dream 1

Visit New York and see the ground zero memorials – I would think I’ll probably burst into tears just being there. I remember it like it was yesterday, I just sat there watching the TV as it happened, I was so shocked, still am, that people could do those terrible things to each other, I still feel so much sadness for the people involved in that terrible event.

Dream 2

Visit Las Vegas & Grand Canyon – well I really would like to go to these places for a holiday. The Grand Canyon sounds magnificent I have seen in on T.V. but I would like to see it for real. Las Vegas sounds like it is full of life and excitement, I could also wipe No.3 off my bucket list.

Dream 3

Get Married – Well I have been living with KJ for 27 years now and we are not married, I think it is time, I will have to convince him, maybe we could tie the knot in Las Vegas 😊 sshh keep this one between us…

Dream 4

Lose weight and get rid of Diabetes – I know this seems really boring, but I have been trying for years to lose weight and I just can’t. If I can get my weight down it would help my diabetes no end and maybe I could come off all my diabetic tablets. I am not overly overweight 12 stone 10 lb but I would really love to get back down to 10 stone, don’t sound like a lot but for me it is. I have a whole lot of clothes that don’t fit me, I think oh I will have that and slim into it, but it never happens.

Dream 5

Publish a Children’s Story Book – My sister in law and I have been in the process of writing a children’s story for a few years now and it is going nowhere due to me not getting on with the drawings. She has written the story and as I am an Artist I will be doing the illustrations, I would really love to finish this project within the next 5 years.

Dream 6

Podcasts – I would love to set up a section for podcasts, it would be hard as I haven’t done anything like this before, but I listen to a lot of them and think I would like to make some on crafts.

Dream 7

Get a tattoo – I would like a little tattoo, I don’t know what of, but something colourful. I have to lose weight first, because I think if I have a tattoo then lose weight it might look uck.

Dream 8

Art Holiday – I definitely would love to go on an art holiday and paint plein air (outside), but I have never been brave enough in case someone is watching over my shoulder. I would have to be quite confident to do this one.

Dream 9

You Tube – I want my you tube channel to reach 10,000 subscribers over the next 5 years, wow that’s a lot, but if you are going for it you might as well make it big.

Dream 10

Diplomas – Have ten Diplomas in all kinds of subjects, I am already I am currently half way through a Blogging Business Diploma, I haven’t finished this yet. I do already have one Diploma, it’s a ‘Pet Portrait Diploma; which I got from the ‘London Art College’.

Well there it is, it is going to be costly to do them all, but my hopes and dreams for the future are set in stone, if I can achieve a few of them I will be more than happy.

Have you got or done a bucket list, if so share it with us we would love to hear about it…

Care Home Fete

The care home fete was last Saturday 3rd August 2019 and it was a great success.

Bennett Lodge Fete

All the stall holders raised a whopping £1,650 for the residents, that’s amazing.

I gave a lot of greeting cards to the fete and a lady sold some of them raising £60 from the cards, so I am really happen with that contribution, she is going to carry on selling them until they are gone so that’s good.

Click the picture to read more about the charities I donate to…

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