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I have a couple of family members who are in a Care Home with memory problems and it is very sad to see them decline in health which is what this page is all about, although today I’ve been told they are in the day room have a sing song, sounds like they are have fun and that’s what matters.

I will be keeping a total of my donations and collections right here so you can see what’s going on and when it reaches a decent amount, I will take it to the care home and give it to them, or maybe ask them what they need and buy it for them.

Carolyne House Care Home

Activities 2019:

Coming Soon!

We have a local care home that supports people with memory problems and they do look after them well, here are some of the activities they have

Buy yarn for the residentsFlowers for flower arranging
Gifts for special daysTowards Christmas party

They hold fetes and table top sales throughout the year plus they do a lot more…

Visit Carolyne House Online

Bennett Lodge Care Home

Activities 2019:

3rd August 2019 – Summer Fete, Times: 1pm – 4pm
Place: Waterson Road, Chadwell-St-Mary, Thurrock

I have donated a lot of greeting cards from my stock to Bennett Lodge which is next to Carolyn House, and a lady there is going have a stall at their fate and sell them, then the money she raises will go to Bennett Lodge for the residents as they also do lots of special things for the residents there.

Visit Bennett Lodge Online

Here is a link to all the donations that I have given to the Care Homes:

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