My Lovely Birthday

Today is my birthday and I have had such a lovely time, my whole family met at my mum’s and we did her garden, it was what I wanted to do.

Mum was laying around on her bed as she had a fall yesterday and her back was aching, so we all took care of her, we left her in bed all snuggy.

We cut the grass and came across a hedgehog hiding under a load of leaves, he had the cutest little face, KJ picked him up and moved him across the garden and he trotted off behind the bushes and the shed.

We cut all the bushes back and trimmed the edges, it looked right nice when we were finished.

I got 2 birthday cakes, a white chocolate cake and a milk chocolate cake, mmm very yummy, I got lots of money, so I will buy myself a little present on my next holiday, looking forward to that.

We were planning our next holiday, four of us will be going and we want to go to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and New York, there are a lot of places we want to visit in USA, but it takes a while to save up for those holidays, but looking forward to it.

That’s my day it was lovely to be with my whole family, I love them dearly, my birthday is nearly over now, another year older and another year wiser so they say…


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