Crochet Tutorials

I have just uploaded a video to You Tube, it’s the start of my series of tutorials on how to crochet different stitches. There are so many of them, but this is my favourite.

Basket Weave Stitch

When I am crocheting, it seems quite a normal speed, but when I video myself it is like I have speeded up, how weird.

Anyway, the basket weave stitch is one of my favourites, it is very easy to do once you get going and I just love the pattern, I will be making more items in this stitch, so keep a lookout for those.

I think the basket weave stitch would make a great pattern for a tote shopping bag, so yeah I think I might have a go at that one day, maybe on a smaller hook so the work is tighter.

Right now a have a few blankets on the go, so I will keep you updated as I join the white/blue squares together, I haven’t started joining them together yet, once I have enough I will begin.


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